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More Grossness - Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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More Grossness [Dec. 9th, 2014|♥03:34 am]
It's me, an outlaw
...Forgot about the peppermint mocha latte I had a few hours ago... at like 9:30/10 pm... I'm a friggin' winner. Ugh I feel so disgusting. I just want to be tired and sleep and feel better from this mess. Face rather hot, trying to ignore it :( that does happen/ seem to happen when one throws up/ has diarrhea/ intense bodily functions. But it's hard for me to look at it logically. I assume only the worst is happening. Meh, trying to calm down/ relax. This is why I need to be healthier. This is not O.K. I wish I had someone to call or talk to about this right now... but who? What do I even say? I just want to feel better/ not have to deal with this. Ugh feeling so negative and it's hard for me to just accept that I may he sick, like normal people do time to time. Like it's the season to be sick. OK WHEN I PUT IN DEAL, DEATH CAME UP, WHEN I PUT IN SEASON... ok I thought a word came up, but it was looking at the structure of thr sentence or whatever. This is probably better on pen and paper. Maybe I should make a therapy appointment next week instead of in 3... but since I hopefully won't be feeling this way, I'll have nothing to talk about ... just like I didn't today. Like, this is a big problem for me..

I guess maybe because how I k (now it's wrong/ why I should calm down, I don't think I should/ want to talk about it. I know why it's stupid. But it's like I can't help it.

Ugh (new favorite word) this dog always be barking at 3 am. She is crazy about her schedule. I mean it's good that she barks when she has to go out, but she also barks for other reasons, for attention and stuff. I should be nicer to her; my grandma loved her and plus she is REALLY old. It's just there's a lot of things that repel me- and I really didn't spend enough time around her when she was younger to grow to like her. I know her mostly as she is now- bossy, needy, very stinky, gross feeling.

[User Picture]From: fericirea_love
2014-12-09 08:35 am (UTC)
*she can't help some things, but it's hard to overlook I guess.
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