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Everybody Has Those Days -Hannah Montana/ Miley Stewart/ Miley Cyrus - Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Everybody Has Those Days -Hannah Montana/ Miley Stewart/ Miley Cyrus [Dec. 9th, 2014|♥02:42 am]
It's me, an outlaw
I generally go for the pen and paper method, but my boyfriend is in my room amd I feel weird rummaging through my things at 2am like a maniac... not that he doesn't think I'm one already. Ugh, anyway, it is so hard to cope when i and think reasonably when I don't feel well... wow it's hard to write like this. And the microphone thing does like one sentence at a time before it's like "I'm out" ok let us try the keypad... nope that didn't work.

Anyway, been feeling rather sick on and off the past few days. Honestly, it does make sense. I felt really sick after I worked out, actually that night I felt mostly ok, but at dinner I couldn't eat as much as I usually do. Which isn't so bad, but it's atypical. Like I didn't even wanna box that shit up.

So the next night, I drank. A lot. Like 12 beers. That night I ate mad shit: lunchable's, spinach dip, some weird Oriental chicken tv dinner (I'm primarily a vegetarian) and stayed up till about 6/7 and totally passed out, slept till 8pm. Felt generally shitty when I got up, well moreso shaky and tired and hungry (since I slept so long) and probably dehydrated... I tried to eat/ drink a lot (probably too much) to compensate. Also, 12 beers may make some feel like shit for a bit.

Slept till like 3 today; felt fine till around 5, then started having major diarrhea issues. Actually got to therapist's like 10 minutes early and shat in the bathroom for like 15 minute's. Hardcore. Felt pretty okay at apointment, a little worn out probably. After that, actually went out for dinner again. Side salad and veggie
wrap; but the wrap did have some typa creamy weird sauce on it...

Went to Petco and Walmart.h
In bad mood at home, a little more diarrhea I think, watched tv, bitched at dan, watched tv, more diarrhea. Thought about

[User Picture]From: fericirea_love
2014-12-09 07:47 am (UTC)
Wouldnt let me finish/ hard to calibrateish itself. Anyone thought basically about how shitty I felt and how I hate feeling shitty. But I guess after writing, it's starting to make more sense as to why I may feel shitty. So I feel better for writing this all down.

Also my ass feels/smells all swampy and that makes me feel rather insecure. Also, gotta accept that it's ok to be in a not feeling like cuddling with the bae kinda night. I'm happy for him to be comfy in my bed, not feeling like sleeping in my room rn anyway. I usually prefet my basement when I'm feeling crappy.
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